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About Us
Posted Jan 17, 2013

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Welcome to our web site for South Florida Youth Athletics, LLC. We are Andi and David Saifman, your enthusiastic “team” owners, ready to share our passion for sports and teaching kids with South Florida families. As native Floridians, we understand the community and aim to create a youth sports league that boosts the physical and emotional development of local youths through sports. Through our personal involvement in other organized programs, we quickly realized the positive and negative effects youth sports can have on kids. We want to leave out the negative and focus on the positive aspects – promoting team work, growing skills and creating the kind of experience you’ll feel proud to share as a family. David’s experience is grounded by his many years of playing sports up through the collegiate level as well as numerous years of coaching youth sports. David has also worked in a professional sports capacity with the NFL and MLB for over 19 years. Andi also has many years of experience in playing and coaching sports. Now that we have two beautiful children of our own, Evan and Mia, we plan to create the healthy sports environment we want for our own kids as they grow and develop. We are excited to have the opportunity to share our vision through youth sports with you and your family through South Florida Youth Athletics, Youth Sports Done Right!

Our Mission

To create a youth athletic league for boys and girls ages 5 -12 that provides a safe environment, is inclusive regardless of skill level and offers a fun activity for parents, kids and coaches to share. Our goal is to help teach the fundamentals of sports – and good
sportsmanship – on the field and in life.